Happiness in Business

There is an analogy that I use a lot and that is the dinner party, and I like the dinner party because there are so many elements to a dinner party, there are so many things that happen – it’s such fertile ground get £300 Loan with Bad Credit.


Got change? You better!

What can you absolutely, 100% count on every time? No one likes change. And you are in the business of change. You are in the business of encouraging your potential clients to make a change in their lives, to go into a state of not working with yo


A practice of empathy

Don’t try to solve your problems. Instead, know that your problems are pointing to the bigger things that stopping you from being who you truly are. Focusing on your problems is like rearranging the deck chairs on the Titanic. Your problems are the


But Mom, EVERYONE is doing it!

Remember when we were kids and we did something that our mother didn’t like us doing; we were getting in trouble, felt backed into a corner, and came up with the only excuse we could muster “Well, the other guys were doing it.” And what was her


The 30,000 decisions of your customers.

Let’s say you’re selling some new software for lawyers that makes being a lawyer easier than any other law software out there. You can’t wait to show all the lawyers who, once they see it, you’re sure, will buy it. You can almost feel the fin


Attractiveness and Likeability

So let’s look at some bottom line truths about selling. Bottom line: People prefer to say ‘yes’ to individuals they feel like they know and they like. How do you get people to say ‘yes’? Increase your overall attractiveness and likeabilit


Apple and the FBI

With Apple, everything begins and ends with the brand. It’s the most important thing to Apple. Just so we’re clear what BRAND means, you want to think of a brand as the personality of the business. My 10 second primer on branding is that as human


What is the humility of Alex Trebek?

I heard an interview with Alex Trebek recently and he said, “Early in my career I told the announcers on my program, on the shows that I hosted, never say ‘here’s the star’ or ‘here’s the host.’ Just say ‘Ladies and gentlemen, Alex Tr


The 5 Principles of Sales

On a November evening in Los Angeles I found myself sitting in a restaurant with Matthew, a man I had never met, didn’t know much about and wasn’t sure if our mutual friend had told him what I do for a living. This could have been a disaster


Your 10 BIG Networking Mistakes

Networking is an essential part of any marketing effort, and so many people get it WRONG! Here are some hints from The BigTime Group to help you get it right. MISTAKE 1: Starting a conversation with, “So what do you do?” BORING! Everyone at netw

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