We don’t confine “marketing” to the obvious stuff like websites, social media or brochures. Marketing is EVERY interaction your business has with the public what is card counting. It’s an all-encompassing expression of who you are.

We are selective about our clients because we invest an insane amount of time in them. It’s all starts with an intensive four hour workshop we call the Branding Session. Here, not only do we learn about your company but you get to see it in a whole new way. From that, we create a one-of-a-kind marketing program for you. This is why we only want clients who are as dedicated to their success as we are.

Marketing is the science of choice. People tend to think that their choices are based on information and analysis. But that’s not how it works. Humans are an emotional species making decisions based on emotional reactions. No one buys a Harley Davidson because they have determined it is the best-made product. They are instead buying the lifestyle that Harley Davidson represents.

Marketing your business has little to do with laying out all the advantages that you offer over your competition. Coca-Cola never brags that they have the best tasting soda. Instead they entice people with the Coca-Cola lifestyle. People become engaged with the IDEA of using the product, not the product itself.

For our clients, The BigTime Group performs an in-depth analysis on how to express their products and what they bring to the world in an engaging and emotionally driven way.

How we market.

Branded web design.

There are so many ways to get your website wrong we hardly know where to begin explaining it. When people land on your homepage, above all else, they should be welcomed with a thoughtful expression of your company’s brand; the personality of your business. This has to happen in an instant. A website that is eye-catching, flashy, or chock full of information is less effective than one that elegantly expresses who you. Your visitors must know this, even before they read a single word.

Digital marketing.

With a near-infinite number of products and services available to click-and-buy, edging your company out in front is just as infinitely complex. While the full scope of digital marketing tools are available to everyone, using them effectively is not for amateurs. Social media, search engine optimization, Pay Per Click campaigns, and Facebook advertising are all highly effective methods of promoting your business. At The BigTime Group, our team of specialists know how to make them work for you.

Targeted social media.

Social media is like the world’s largest dinner party. Everyone is listening for the person with the most interesting conversation at this billion-seat table. To be successful at this, we create content that your ideal customer will find most engaging. Then we broadcast this content on the social channels they are most likely to be using. We monitor all these posts, watching for any likes or comments that your customers make. We respond to them right away so they always know they have your attention.

E-mail campaigns.

Sending a sales email that people actually WANT to read can be tricky but we have it down. We work with our clients, creating campaigns and subject lines that appeal directly to the people that you want to reach the most. There’s a big difference between an email that says, “Our tires are on sale!” and one that says, “The best tires to keep your family safe on the road.” Understanding who your market is and what is most important to them allows us to develop highly effective email campaigns.

Influencer Marketing.

Remember how in high school, whatever the cool kids were doing everyone else wanted in on that too? Welcome to influencer marketing. Rather than trying to reach everyone, we focus on specific key types of individuals who have influence over your potential customers, like coaches, moms, entertainers or CEOs. We’re not talking about celebrity endorsements; it’s more about expressing that your product is best used by a specific and dynamic personality “type.”