Content is everything. In this age of digital marketing, your content uniquely represents your brand to the world. Well-devised and professionally executed content must be flowing endlessly to all of your online portals.

Before the internet, content was simple. It was a company brochure, a newspaper ad or a television commercial. Now, there are nearly endless opportunities for promoting your brand online and, like a hungry pack of wolves, they ALL must be fed.

Your website needs blog posts to keep your SEO ranking high. Facebook needs posts to keep customer engagement up. Instagram needs photos. Twitter needs tweets. Your YouTube channel needs new videos. All of these communication tools need new content continually and falling behind means quickly losing the attention of your marketplace.

At The BigTime Group we are a content machine. We write blogs. We shoot videos. We create animation. Then we multipurpose each of those so text becomes video, video becomes a podcast, a podcast becomes a blog and on and on and on. We make sure your business is well represented and the wolves are always fed

Blogs and articles.

Why are blogs so important? A steady flow of content posted to your website and social channels keeps you top of mind with your markets. Blogs are engaging pieces of information disseminated to your audience in nice, easy, bite-sizable chunks. We find that the 10-5-3 rule works the best. For example, “The 10 Things You Need to Know About…” “The 5 Big Mistakes People Make When Shopping for a…” “The 3 Reasons You Need a…” Simple, easy and to the point!

Social calendars.

Keeping your social channels active requires developing a schedule of posts. Your social calendar guides the various types of information put out to the public and on what days. This allows for predictability in your social engagements as well as allowing us to monitor its effectiveness. For instance, generally speaking, informational posts tend to get more responses earlier in the week while fun, sexy and exciting posts do better on Thursdays and Fridays.

Content development.

So where does all this great content come from and how can we know what interest your markets? The BigTime Group has developed a few methods for creating effective content. In your New Client Workshop we learn a great deal about you and your market. We also develop surveys to learn what subject matter interests them the most. Our online research points to what currently engages them. From there our writers go to work developing content they will be eager to read and watch.


Digital video and audio.

People are much more likely to watch a video or listen to something than they are to read a long article. That’s why our content teams develop engaging material in a variety of formats. An article can be expressed as a narrated video. That narration can be expressed as a podcast. Fun and interesting videos that appeal to your target market are researched and posted. We ask questions that inspire engagement.

Print production.

The digital revolution made a promise that it couldn’t keep. Early on, the conventional wisdom was that the printed word would die out and we’d all be gathering information from screens. We may be getting there but we aren’t there yet. High tech is nice but human beings prefer high touch. There is still a great deal of value in a beautifully printed sales pieces or brochure on quality paper, expertly written in an emotional appeal to convey your company’s core values and benefits.