Eagle WestAn inspiring wealth management firm, focused on the give-back rather than the take.

Starting from scratch.

Right from the beginning, it was clear to us that The Eagle West Group was something more than just a typical wealth management firm. In conducting their Branding Workshop, key elements came to light. An advisor casually mentioned that many times their client meetings end in hugs rather than handshakes. We pointed out that endemic in their culture was unique ability to develop deep and abiding connections with their clients. This became the fiery core of the Eagle West brandstory. We transformed their unimpressive web presence into one that fully expressed the Eagle West brand. The focus was on their culture and the altruistic and community minded qualities of their clients. By setting the bar high, we looked to attract those who were best suited to be clients while creating disinterest of those who were not.

Eagle West Group

Crafting the message.

Internally, we referred to their brand as “hugs over handshakes.” To express this message outward, the CEO recorded phone interviews with clients who had participated in significant service projects. One such woman tearfully recounted her experience with “Operation Smile,” a medical initiative where children with cleft pallet deformities are given free surgery in remote parts of the world. These recordings were turned into photo montages and placed on the “Client Stories” page of their website. We also launched a program called Elevate wherein midlevel investors could get the kind of top level financial advice that is the financial industry typically reserves for the ultra wealthy.

This IS your father’s wealth management firm.

Many of Eagle West’s clients expressed concern regarding their children’s lack of financial knowledge. To respond, we supported the launch of the “Financial Literacy” program, an online interactive university program teaching money management skills for young adults. We chose to make it available to the general public, not just clients in congruency with the Eagle West brand.

The success of our program.

Our interaction with The Eagle West Group resulted in creating new approaches to their client base. We succeeded in pushing the edges of what is allowable in the financial industry and further succeeded in crafting a new way for Eagle West to express themselves as a unique entity in the financial world. Listed below are some of the ways we moved Eagle West forward.

  • Branding Workshop and brand analysis with company key decision makers.
  • New Eagle West and Elevate websites focusing on brand promotion.
  • Client Story videos showing compelling aspects of clients’ lives.
  • Elevate branding and Eagle West rebranding with logo and stationary.
  • Financial Literacy system development and application into website.
  • Dynamic online intake forms for gathering prospect information.
  • Animated explainer videos developed to visually express financial processes.
  • New email program for increasing click-throughs and website traffic.
  • Collateral materials written and designed for public events.
  • Social media presence expanded.