FDI-page-header A network marketing company focused on financial education.

What’s a Financial Destination?

Financial Destination, Inc. was a membership-based company offering financial services and education for consumers. Their products ranged from offering members income tax services to courses on buying stocks and real estate. We had worked with network marketing clients before so we had a good handle on the vast complexities associated with promoting that industry.

Network marketing companies can’t sell directly to the public. They rely on independent reps to promote their products. Step one was to learn everything we could about FDI; about their products were all about and how their representatives’ compensation plan worked. Network marketing companies are awash with government regulations on what they can and cannot say. Having walked this tightrope before we knew to proceed carefully.

Financial Destination, Inc.

The Girl Scout Cookie dilemma.

Network marketing companies provide a wholly unique challenge to marketing agencies like us. They can’t sell directly to the public so they rely on independent reps to promote their products. It’s like buying Girl Scout cookies. If you want your Thin Mints, you have to find a Girl Scout to sell them to you. Yet, since anyone could become an independent rep, we had to design FDI’s complicated financial programs in marketing materials geared for untrained sales people. We did a lot of field-testing to make sure everything was (relatively) fool-proof.

Adding to the fun was the strict regulations from the government on network marketing language. So every brochure, information sheet, video and PowerPoint had to be scrutinized by the lawyers who usually made us change, modify and redesign everything before we could go to press or release them to the reps.

Bring on the giant checks!

One of the most dynamic parts of serving as FDI’s promotional team was producing their annual gatherings. At FDI’s events there were over 1000 people packed into a room with lights, lasers and booming music. It was a cross between a tent revival and a rock concert. We supplied graphics, animation, banners, video presentations, a myriad of new sales materials for the reps and, of course, the obligatory giant checks presented to the top representatives of the year.

The success of our program.

The BigTime Group produced over a thousand individual pieces of marketing materials for FDI. Our hallmark work was in supporting the independent reps. We developed scripts and sales materials that could be successfully present to individuals or large groups by those with little or no sales experience. After the economic downturn 2007, FDI moved away from financial services and began offering health products. We worked on several of those products until they ultimately took their marketing in house. The following are just some of our success with FDI.

  • Produced over 1000 individual pieces of marketing materials.
  • Supported new product launches by generating promotional materials.
  • Developed graphical content for all areas of sales and marketing.
  • Wrote detailed sales processes to supporting those with no sales experience.
  • Developed packaging for several lines of health products.
  • Designed a series of book covers for original literary content.
  • Developed over 50 presentations to support various meetings and live sales opportunities.
  • Ongoing business facilitation and support.