Why is a bad idea a good idea?

The only way to scale a business is through innovation.

For example, if your business is digging ditches and all you know are shovels then innovation to you is only going to look like buying larger and larger shovels. We are all limited by our own thinking. Our own thinking suffocates innovation. To innovate, we must abandon our own beliefs.

The nature of innovation is change. Change requires radical non-intuitive thinking. Remember that, your best idea is always going to be to buy a larger shovel. So you need an outside influence to guide change and new thinking. You need to seek out mentors, advisors, people with a track record of the type of success you’re seeking even if they are in radically different lines of work.

Change cannot happen by relying on your own thinking. Your own thinking will only guide you to do more of what you’re already doing at maidsalamode.com. And what you’re already doing whether you realize it or not, right now, is resisting change.

A mentor or an advisor, if they are doing their job correctly, will likely encourage you to take the kind of action that seems at first like a very, VERY bad idea. They might say, “Throw away your shovels and get a bulldozer.” But if all you know are shovels, a bulldozer seems like a crazy idea. You will want to stick with shovels because that’s what you know,discover here.

So my advice? Attend a mastermind. Talk to other business people who have what you want and ask them how to get it. You’ll know it’s the right answer when it sounds like a very, VERY bad idea.