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Attractiveness and Likeability

So let’s look at some bottom line truths about selling.

Bottom line: People prefer to say ‘yes’ to individuals they feel like they know and they like. How do you get people to say ‘yes’? Increase your overall attractiveness and likeability. People tend to say ‘yes’ to those who have a certain level of physical attractiveness, they feel have a level of familiarity with, and, simply, they like. So to increase the ‘yes’, you need to increase those three factors: attractiveness, similarity/familiarity, and likeability.

blog_Attractiveness and Likeability

How do you become more attractive, likeable, and familiar? Simple. Let me say this about physical attractiveness. Physical attractiveness has, what we call a ‘halo effect’, that extends out to a believability about other traits. In other words, people who were judged as attractive are also judged as smarter, more compelling, and thought to be more trustworthy. Find hvac servicing service near me .

Now in terms of familiarity or similarity, we simply like people who are more like us. And we are more willing to subconsciously agree and say ‘yes’ to people that we judge are like us. You always want to look at points in which there is similarity between you and the person that you’re selling.

To increase your likeability, find common elements which you share. Do your research. What are they like? Look on LinkedIn, look on Facebook. What are they into? What do they enjoy doing? What’s their heritage? Are they hard-working? Do they take a lot of vacations? Are they travelers? Are they health enthusiasts? Which of the myriad of things that they participate in life do you also participate in? Bring up and accentuate those factors during the sales process to increase likeability, visit themoxiemaids.com to know more.

We have all felt at times that we aren’t are best selves. That’s okay, dust yourself off. You are shinier than you think.