Determination or Surrender

Determination is the dogged pursuit of what we most desire for ourselves. It is the never-say-die attitude of feverishly chasing our goals and vision. In determination we are unwilling to bend to discouragement or setbacks. We do not give up until we achieve victory. And yet, determination also keeps locked on a path that can lead us off of cliffs. Determination can be a cinder block on the gas pedal of a car that’s traveling in the wrong direction. Determination prevents us from simply resigning to the fact that what we are doing is not working. It does not allow for new ideas and it is here that the path of surrender should be taken.


Surrender allows us to let go of the old. It gives us the opportunity to pause, to gently release our grip on that which is dysfunctional and not working. Surrender offers us a deep breath. Calm. The end of stress. Surrender releases our bear trap attachment to the things which no longer serve us. In surrender, we gently release and open ourselves up to the wide and vast frontier of unlimited possibilities. And yet, in surrender, we often give up too quickly.

We surrender when things get just a little too difficult. We surrender when we feel uncomfortable. We surrender just a step before our moment of glory because it is in this moment when this are often the most difficult. We surrender to the darkness instead of waiting for the dawn. Surrender can be the ultimate hiding place where fear and uncertainty put a choke hold on our success, find more here.

So when do we surrender? When do we stay determined? How long are we supposed to trudge the road of uncertainty in determination before we gently ease back and glide into the horizon of new possibilities in surrender?

There is only one true test to balance surrender against determination. The question is simple. Is your path leading you towards the ultimate and best version of you? Or are you simply moving towards the things that you think you want, the thing you think you should have, the thing you think will make you happy? Or are you pursuing your highest level of personal greatest?

If determination and surrender are not working together in your life and in your business it is a tremendous opportunity to reassess, to review, to renegotiate and pivot. Allow the mile markers of your personal vision of your greatest self be the single determining factor of the proper course to take. Determination or Surrender