Creating electrical systems for human interaction.

Make engineering sexy? Okay, we can do that.

It’s not every day that we’re asked to transform printed circuit boards, breaker boxes and schematic diagrams into something compelling and, dare we say, sexy but such was the case with N.A. Cohen Group, Inc. They wanted a media makeover and they wanted it now. The question was, how do we turn the high school chess club into the Rolling Stones? We started by looking at what we had to work with, which, as it turned out, was almost nothing. Perfect! This provided us a wide-open blank canvas on which we could paint any picture we wanted. Or so we thought.

As it turns out, the old adage of “careful what you wish for” came into play. The sexier we got, the more scrunched noses we encountered from the client. Never ones to back down from a challenge, the BigTime Group was determined to produce a brand new brand for the Cohen Group that they not only were satisfied with, but also felt like “home” to them.

N.A. Cohen Group

We’re running out of shoes, ma’am.

At times it felt like we were the guy in the shoe store who kept bringing out more and more pairs of pumps from the back for the nice lady who couldn’t make up her mind. Yet, we respected that, as engineers, Cohen Group was absolutely meticulous about how they wanted to represent themselves to their market. We never pretend that we’re smarter than the client about their business. Instead, we work to go on deeper and deeper investigations about them to get a more comprehensive understanding of exactly who and how they are. It’s OUR business to bubble that to the surface so, in the end, the brand perfectly represents the client.


After another round of brand concepts that wasn’t working for them, we asked a defining question. “What if your logo looked like one of those little electrical symbols you see on a diagram?” They immediately gravitated toward the idea and a week later we had it. From there we built a brand identity package and ultimately launched their new website. Happily, we find that even a contentious client relationship can produce some of the most stellar results.

The success of our program.

The N.A. Cohen Group, Inc. website was one of our best. Sleek and compelling, it showcases their outstanding work and contribution to electrical innovation. While we never got the chess club to fill an arena, we did secure them a stage on which they were able to play out their own brand of rock and roll. They have told us that prospective clients always comment on the quality of their online materials. No word yet on the groupies…but we have faith.

  • Complete corporate branding package and logo design.
  • Corporate identity package including letterhead and business cards.
  • Biographical research on perspective clients to direct online content.
  • Complete website design with specific emphasis on gallery of successes and innovation brought to each project.
  • Keyword rich content written with drive organic SEO.
  • Ongoing business facilitation and support.