Helping clients who struggle with credit issues and unfair business practices.

A guy walks into a lawyers office…

In our first meeting with The Gusdorf Law Firm we knew that this was going to be an especially challenging case…er…client. They engage in a variety of different legal practices, some of which were on opposing sides on the same issues. For instance, they help people who struggling “water-over-their-head” in debt and they also help creditors who are working to collect on deadbeats who refuse to pay their bills. That’s a lot of cross pollination that doesn’t play out so well on a website.

The truth is that everyone deserves their day in court and to have the legal system serve them regardless of their situations. So we had the dubious responsibility of crafting a site that not only got people where they needed to go in terms on information and services, but at the same time, didn’t make the firm look like they were running guns to both sides of the fight.

Gusdorf Law

Untangling the Christmas lights.

So once again we were tasked with a complicated problem…our favorite kind. The first step was to run the New Client Workshop. This is a four hour intake we perform with all new clients. We put the owner of the company and key decision makers in a room and go through an extensive intake. At the same time we help clients discover aspects of their business that were previously unseen. It’s a little like taking your business to the therapist’s office. The tangled web of services and information became a lot clearer and so did the fact that we were going to have to give them a giant piece of bad news.

Ripping it all down to the studs.

Less than a year before, they had completed their new website for which they had paid an ungodly sum. Unfortunately, it also happened to be functionally useless. Yet, we have seen this many times for clients who try to coordinate their own marketing efforts. As we pointed out to them flaw after flaw, they could see how the site was actually doing a better job repelling new clients than attracting them. It became clear that they were going to have to trash it and let us build a better one from the ground up. We never like having to give new clients bad news but it was unavoidable.

The success of our program.

We discovered that the lawyers were spending a great deal of non-billable time on phone calls with their potential clients. It sounded like the perfect opportunity for innovation. These were all small income cases but they wanted to make their money in volume. We grilled the lawyers on the types of questions asked and the types on answers clients needed. From there we built “Robo-Lawyer,” a comprehensive and dynamic online intake form to take their time back.

  • Rebranding the corporate design scheme.
  • Complete website redesign with specific practice areas.
  • Ongoing business facilitation and support.
  • Robo-Lawyer dynamic online forms that move potential clients through the intake process.
  • Online payment system to allow new clients immediate enrollment.
  • Blog area established with keyword rich articles to drive organic SEO.
  • Immediate contract signing through online platform eliminated the need for faxing
  • Individual employee support.