cdg-logo A pediatric dental company providing high-level dental care for children of low-income families.

Rich-kid dentistry for everyone.

Dental practitioners in low-income areas of Southern California are often poorly trained and offer limited options for care. Dr. Scott Jacks, the co-fonder of Children’s Dental Group, developed a business model to support high quality dental offices in these areas. Dr. Jacks built large offices with qualified dentists and filled them with game rooms, rides and movie theaters to keep children occupied during their waits.

When Children’s Dental Group contacted us, they were expanding their business, opening new dental offices and an orthodontic center. They were in desperate need of new ideas to further develop their brand of providing interesting and compelling dental experiences for children. Since most all of their patients are on public assistance, they didn’t need a great deal of conventional marketing help. We were definitely up for the challenge. 

Children's Dental Group

Everything is better when it’s gigantic!

We were asked to help develop a new style of interior set pieces to make their offices fun, lively and entertaining to the young eyes of children. In touring a location we saw a large 40-foot wall with little on it. We suggested a banner design populated with fun and outrageous pictures that would fill the entre wall check this link right here now. They agreed and thus began a steady rollout of giant format productions. These were eventually were utilized in every one of their offices. The products were so large that we had to hire a billboard company to print and install the designs.

Then they asked to design a building and a truck.

As Dr. Jacks was building his new orthodontic center he told us that he wasn’t happy with the color suggestions of his team and us to take a shot at it. Using digital photos of the building we provided Dr. Jacks with several variations for color schemes. We also rendered designs on interior models suggesting colors, carpet and tiling. He chose our designs and thus we completed our first marketing project that we could actually walk inside of. After that, he showed us his mobile dentistry van and asked us to graphically apply the same type of branding to it.

The success of our program.

Working with Dr. Jacks we went on to develop the same style of branding for several other offices. We also created a one-of-a-kind interactive website for the company and many other projects. Sadly, in 2014 Dr. Scott Jacks died from complication after a heart attack. The BigTime Group was honored to be a part of his innovation team during his time with us. Children’s Dental Group now has ten offices services children all across California. Below are some of the projects we created.

  • Complete website rebranding and design.
  • Branding and interior/exterior design elements of Orthodontic Center.
  • Animated montage for waiting area.
  • New employee orientation program.
  • Van wrap with CDG branding.
  • Exterior office window branding.
  • Advertisements and promotional items.
  • Large format backlit interior displays.
  • Business cards, letterhead and notecards.