Choices, the less the better.

What is it that all great people have in common?

As Americans we define ourselves as free people because we are at choice. We choose the car we want to buy, The candy bar we want to eat. We choose who we want to marry or we choose not to marry at all. We consider choice the hallmark of ourselves as free people.


Yet, it’s ironic that in cultures where people have fewer choices they tend to be happier. In fact, when those cultures are given more choices at first they are excited but then they come to find that choice is a burden and they’ve return to a life of fewer choices. This is interesting to me because I am in the business of choice. My job is to get you to choose the product or service of my client over the product or service of your competition.

Now I know that choices are based on an emotional equation. In other words nobody buys a Harley-Davidson motorcycle because they have found that is a Harley is the best motorcycle based on maintenance records and longevity, Miles per gallon, comfortable seating, etc.. Here you can find Florida home cleaning service to disinfect your home against COVID-19. They buy a Harley to be a part of the Harley-Davidson culture. No knowing and understanding this hi have a more unique approach to choice. I don’t merely examine the product and say, ha ha here is how to get the people to buy this. Instead, hi, in a small way, fall in love with the product. And the clients selling them.

Those of you who have worked with me will attest to that. I become emotionally involved. I become the one having the experience that I want the consumers out there to have. I become emotionally attached to my client and their product. In forming that attachment I developed the methodology by which I want others to form the same attachment I’ll admit it’s much more exhausting as a marketer then just trying to sell stuff. But it is the way I do it because I know it’s the way that people out there make choices too.

By assigning a direct emotional quality to a product or service that fits a specific market segment, I remove the burden of choice off of the people who were trying to make choices and make them feel a little happier just like the cultures who have less choices in their society. Complicated? You bet! Productive? Absolutely! It’s how I do what I do.