Growth Consulting

Frost & Sullivan’s Growth Consulting Model provides specific tools and expertise to support clients through all five phases of the growth cycle: From developing a pipeline of growth opportunities to evaluating and prioritizing those opportuniti


The World’s Fastest Shoe Shine

On a recent trip to the Midwest I saw something at the airport that I had seen a thousand times but had never noticed before. Passing by the shoeshine kiosk, I looked at the board, which listed all the different types of shoe shines that were availab


The Five Basic Truths of Fear

A group of Stanford psychology students were researching the nature of fear. They wanted to build a system that could dismantle any fear. They brought a group of skydiving instructors together and asked about people's first experience in jumping out


GPS Marketing Strategy

I have a GPS in my car and I use it all the time. Even if I pretty much know where I am going, I still set the destination in the GPS. And the reason is if something happens along the way like a tree is in the middle of the road or there is a lot of


Don Draper and the Dark Corridor

If you’re in business and you’re not a fan of the show Mad Men you really should be. I suggest a good ol’ Netflix binge watch. Anyway, for the purpose of the following it doesn’t matter if you watched the show or not. Having worked with a


Please, take advantage of me.

Remember that having a sale is sort of like saying come and take advantage of me.  The people who are attracted to work with you because of sales are not doing so based on loyalty.  They are not doing so because they really, really want to

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