Your brand is so much more than a logo or a tag line. It is the heart and soul of your business. A powerful brand defines you as a unique entity in the world, instantly telling your story. It can inspire fierce loyalty – the kind that cannot be purchased.

Why did human beings evolve to be the dominant species on the planet? We’re not the biggest or the strongest. Apes or tigers could rip us apart. The reason is not because of our strength but because of our culture. Humans come together as a group better than any species on the planet. We form relationships based on personality.

Businesses have a personality just like people do. We just refer to them as “brands.” It is the secret sauce of what makes a business relatable to the public. A good brand instantly transmits what you’re all about and help consumers to feel connected with you. Starbucks gives you a big dose of its personality every time you walk in.

Passengers feel attached to Southwest Airlines because their personality makes people feel welcomed and relaxed. This is the type of branding we do for our clients. It is direct, strong and provides instant recognizability for your business.

How we brand.

New client workshop.

This highly interactive 4-hour program takes you on a deep exploration of your business. Consider it like a therapy session for your company. Your key decision-makers will see your business from the perspective of your customers. You will look at marketing and selling in a completely new light. You will arrive at a unique understanding of HOW to effectively message yourself to create that business personality we call YOUR BRAND.

Business strategy.

There are an infinite number of ways to market your business. Which ones are the best for you? How much should you be spending on them? A well-engineered marketing strategy is the only way to make sure your efforts are being effective. We build your strategy from the ground up, custom tailored for your specific business goals.

Customer experience.

The truth is that you know your business a little too well. That means, you don’t know what it’s like to be a new customer. We come at it completely fresh, looking at what you do and how you do it through the customer’s eyes. Through this process we identify the trouble spots you might not be seeing and suggest solutions. We want to make sure your customers feel the thrill of doing business with you.

Business development.

There is more to increasing your income than simply attracting new customers. Most companies operate on a structure geared to support the clients they currently have. If we double their business they could never handle the volume. Part of our program is to help you develop business systems that are scalable. We want you to be able to enjoy getting new customers rather than feel overwhelmed by them.


The way you message yourself to the public is more important than what you have to say to them. The language you use, the syntax and the voice of your communications all have to be congruent with your brand. Subtle words and intonations can be the difference between your message reading like a text book or as if someone is speaking to them. We are experts at not only crafting your messages but also in expressing them with brand-focused communication.