25 Fun Virtual Lunch Ideas For Your Remote Team

Further, we strive to provide detailed articles about diverse topics that our customers are excited to read. These writings primarily focus on an aspect of the workplace and typically overlap with another area of society, including business and technology, politics, sports, health, and finance. The articles are based on surveys, statistics, and research conducted by our team. Entry-level employees most frequently take these breaks, with 90% reporting that they make the time to step away.

Alternatively, your virtual team can pay for their own food and then submit their receipts for reimbursement after the lunch comes to an end. In a work context, a virtual lunch is an opportunity for coworkers to get together on a video platform to share a group meal. Digital meals give team members the chance to enjoy some much-needed face-to-face time. As far as platforms go, Zoom is probably your best bet since its free version can host up to 100 guests for meetings as long as 40 minutes.

Online Book Club

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Pretty much everyone loves music, so this allows your team to talk about something that they’re interested in and share their recommendations with others. As a bonus, you might just walk away with some new tunes to add to your morning playlist. Whether earnest or hilarious, an award ceremony can be a great https://remotemode.net/ way to bring the whole team together. You can use this as an opportunity to recognize people’s strengths and accomplishments, or you perform a Dundie’s-style ceremony to keep the whole team laughing all week. If you’re looking for a group activity on the quieter side, consider doing a group meditation.

Easily send food or gifts to employees at scale in minutes!

SnackMagic offers personalized snack boxes and branded swag that are super easy to gift and ridiculously fun to get. Participants can read books intended for pleasure or career development. Check out these books on professional topics for reading recommendations. If you plan to run these lessons as a series, then you can repeat this request periodically. Note — This event is bookable by special request, and is not available in December. As a result, teams can strengthen their trust with each other, problem-solving skills and collaboration, and feelings of belonging at work.

Ask Me Anything is an online question-and-answer session format popularized by Reddit. Typically, an expert spends an hour answering questions in a forum. You can publicly host the session on a social media site like Twitter or Instagram, or hold a company-only event using mediums such as Slack channels, Google Meet Q&A, or internal forums. These events are great for a Friday lunchtime where you can catch up with your colleagues and chat about all this not related to work. Virtual tea parties are gatherings where teammates meet up via Zoom to enjoy a cup of tea along with light refreshments. Participants can dress up, display whimsical Zoom backgrounds, eat on-theme foods like macarons and finger sandwiches, and use fancy china to set the atmosphere.

Balance is important as a remote employee

As the beeping of the microwave and the smell of reheated leftovers fill the air, you are reminded that it’s now time to take your own lunch break. However, this same unconscious reminder is not present when working from home. Of those remote workers who do opt for a snack break during the workday, more than 50% eat their lunch during meetings and conference calls. Further, nearly 13% admitted to forgoing their lunch break entirely when working from home. Remote lunches are one of the easiest online team building activities to plan and execute. Set up can be as simple as scheduling a Zoom meeting and offering to reimburse attendees’ meals.

  • Because these activities are so low-maintenance, there is little excuse not to hold the events regularly.
  • This intriguing game involves one player asking the rest of the group if they’d rather do one thing over another.
  • That means you have plenty of time to prepare and enjoy them before you have to return to work.
  • Whip up these tasty, easy and quick lunches while you’re working the 9-5 from wifi.
  • If your company has only ever operated virtually, it might be a challenge to find the perfect person to put in charge.
  • Use our self-serve options to order gift cards and set up a centralized admin portal and billing management.

In this virtual lunch, team members will pick a topic to learn about from a YouTube video, TED Talk, or even a guest speaker who can come in and lecture on something unusual. While learning is the main focus of these sessions, there’s no reason the lunch aspect should be any less engaging or enjoyable. remote work blog With the option of ordering food online, team members can indulge in stress-free cooking. Options range from hiring an expert bird handler to talk about owls or listening to a neuroscientist explain having a stroke. Professional development is an important element of employee engagement.

During theme lunches, attendees order and enjoy the same kind of cuisine. Participants can show off their different dishes and share impromptu reviews. The host can also prepare a thematic playlist and virtual trivia questions for the occasion. Picking a regular date for the lunches, or example, the last Tuesday of every month, will make the events easier to plan.

Before the meeting, send out an agenda so that participants know what to expect and what to prepare. Virtual lunches give colleagues the opportunity to meet up online with different coworkers. Zoom can accommodate hundreds of attendees, meaning that you can host company wide lunches as well as smaller team lunches. It is nice to do a mix of these two gatherings, for instance, by planning a yearly or bi-yearly company virtual lunch as well as a monthly departmental lunch. You can also take a hybrid approach and pair up departments for virtual lunches so that teammates have a chance to meet and interact with coworkers they might not meet otherwise. Virtual lunches are an opportunity for team members to gather on a video call and share a meal together.