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Moments of Inspiration

In the past, moments of inspiration have been lost in time. Moments of inspiration probably happened to Leonardo Da Vinci before he could get to some papyrus and write it down. Moments of inspiration probably happened to John Lennon and they were lost before he could write them down – ahh, imagine all the songs. Moments of inspiration I’m sure happened to Gandhi and Martin Luther King and Einstein, were lost because they didn’t have the opportunity in the moment that it hit to write it down, to get it out.

blog_Moments of Inspiration

But we’re in a world of technology now and just about everybody’s telephone has a voice recorder on it, I know mine does. When I have a moment of inspiration, I stop, I pull over, I grab my phone, I hit the recorder and I start talking.

At every moment of every day you need to be thinking about your business and ways of  innovating and growing your business. Ask yourself:

  • What can I do?
  • What can I add to it?
  • What are partnerships I can create?
  • What are new processes I can design?
  • What new thing can I bring to what I’m doing?

Now when you sit down at your computer to create these, it’s unlikely they’re going to come out, because inspiration doesn’t work that way. Entrepreneur explains how it actually works by using website optimization tools. You can’t say, “Now I will be brilliant!” Moments of inspiration come at the craziest weirdest times. You always have your phone with you, turn it on, start recording, talk and talk and talk. Now the problem is you can generate a tremendous amount of recordings and then what do you do with them? Just sit and listen to them, write them out? It takes too much time. I hire people who do transcription. Check the bankruptcy lawyers.

I give entire presentations that happened in one moment of inspiration. I just spoke into my phone for 90 minutes! In 90 minutes I created a complete workshop for people that probably –  if I tried to sit down and bang it out  – would have taken me days because it happened at a moment of inspiration. So my suggestion, my strong suggestion, is to start using your moments of inspiration to evolve your business.