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Please, take advantage of me.

Remember that having a sale is sort of like saying come and take advantage of me.  The people who are attracted to work with you because of sales are not doing so based on loyalty.  They are not doing so because they really, really want to use your product because they believe in you.  They are doing it because you’ve enticed them.  It’s sort of like the kid in elementary school who handed out candy bars so people would be his friend. And they really, really like him until the bag of snickers is click this site.

blog_Take advantage

Generating sales based on dropping your price is not attracting your best customers.  Attracting your best customers takes more time, takes patience and it takes commitment and faith, it doesn’t show up immediately. Visit lovetopivot.com.  Apple computers sold more expensive computers than anybody else because they were determined to create customer loyalty not just to push boxes with wires out the door. How do you generate customer loyalty?  That’s what I do.