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Got change? You better!

What can you absolutely, 100% count on every time?

No one likes change.

And you are in the business of change. You are in the business of encouraging your potential clients to make a change in their lives, to go into a state of not working with you to a state of working with you. That change involves doing new things and the exchange of money. Two things that people have a tremendous amount of resistance around.

You are an agent of change. It is incumbent upon you to be a force of change in the lives of your clients. You must understand that they do not want change. They may need your business. They may need your help. They may be committing professional suicide without you and know it and still not hire you because they are afraid of change.

Gandhi knew that the British had to leave India. Doctor King knew that race relations had to change in America. Agents of change change the world but they are never met with open arms at the time of change – only after the change has occurred. You have to be comfortable with the fact that your potential clients may not greet you with open arms. You must help them through the fear and uncertainty that always accompanies change see here now. You must lead them. You cannot expect them to lead you. They may resist. They may use words to discourage you. They may use words to describe you, to discourage you from helping them as an agent of change. They may say things like, ‘you’re being pushy, you’re putting pressure on me, you’re making me uncomfortable.’ When you hear these things, you know that you are headed in the right direction.

You only need to adjust your strategy so as not to trigger their fear mechanisms to the point of complete resistance. Walking your potential clients through change is like leading them through a dense, dark jungle. They may want to turn and run back the other direction. But keep encouraging them, keep working with them, because you know a few steps away is the most beautiful landscape that they’ve ever seen. Here you can find a lawyer if you need consultation about bankruptcy. They will forget about the difficult journey getting there and appreciate the fact that you had the courage to encourage them through their fear and take them to this new place of a beautiful business landscape. We all appreciate Gandhi and Doctor King today for the courage they had in leading their countries through the dark forest of uncertainty to a new place of a greater world. That’s what you do when you don’t sell out on your potential clients and keep encouraging them beyond their fear and yours.