Simply-fine-header-logoGourmet food delivery with a focus on family nurturing.


Beth Kandell started her business as a door-to-door sales person for a gourmet foods company. She launched Simply Fine Gourmet with the intention of centralizing all of her sales online and developing her own business.

Beth’s career of door-to-door food sales began as a way to extricate herself from an abusive marriage. On the road, she met women who struggled with cooking. With Beth’s help they found that their family dinners changed the scope of how the families connected.

From this personal experience we established her brand story: “Simply Fine Gourmet; we bring families back together around the dinner table for good food and good love.”

Simply Fine Gourmet

Building a brand from a compelling story.

The company had no financial backing other than Beth’s own savings.  We almost didn’t take her on as a client but then we learned something compelling about Beth. Despite being in an unhealthy marriage, she was able to launch a  successful career of door-to-door sales. This allowed her to meet other women who were challenged with the duties of raising and family and providing healthy meal options. She saw an opportunity to develop a brand that helped families to reconnect over dinner time. Her While Beth couldn’t save her own marriage, she may have saved many others. From this personal experience we established her brand story: “Simply Fine Gourmet; we bring families together for good food and good love.”

So here’s what we did about it.

We established Beth’s target market as upper income moms struggling with dinner time. Without a budget for SEO or any online advertising we developed a grass roots approach to her business. We created strategic partnerships with organizations like The Pump Station, a breast-feeding collective for new moms as well as several prominent “mommy” bloggers.

The success of our program.

In less than a year we took Simply Fine Gourmet from almost complete obscurity to gaining a tremendous amount of attention in the upper-income mom market.  Some of our successes are:

  • Developed a logo to express the “love and family” principles of her business.
  • Redesigned website from a cold e-commerce look to a warm “spa” feel.
  • Beth’s “abuse to success” became talking points for public speaking opportunities.
  • Established the Ultimate Mom Advocate as Beth’s sub-brand.
  • Created recipes cards and “positivity” post cards placed in the shipping boxes.
  • Ongoing business facilitation and support.