hariton An electrical engineering firm committed to sustainable energy solutions.

Adventures in engineering.

Celestin Hariton contacted us in the winter of 2012. Like a lot of business owners he recognized that he was working too hard, for too long and not getting the kind of forward momentum he needed to grow his engineering firm. Initially, we weren’t sure if his company would be a good fit for us. Engineering firms typically do not set out to be a dynamic and exciting brands.

Yet in learning about Hariton Engineering, we discovered that we were delightfully mistaken. Celestin has his vision, not only for his company, but also for the world. He wants to make sustainable engineering the norm for the industry. Celestin works to make buildings with zero carbon footprints; in other words, they give back as much energy as they take. He is committed to using materials that don’t poison the environment and is constantly working to make his firm the leaders in a thoughtful use of our natural resources. We immediately fell in love with this guy!

Hariton Engineering

From humble beginnings.

When we began our program with Celestin, he was a solopreneur renting a tiny office at another engineering firm. Knowing that one’s own vision of what’s possible is the key to growing a business, Dan began working with him on broadening his scope. Big dreams are a little scary without a roadmap. Dan helped Celestin draw out a future for his company    where he wanted it to go and the kind of culture he wanted it to be. At the same time, The BigTime Group was developing his brand with a new website and collateral materials. We knew he was headed for greatness and when he got there, we wanted his brand to look the part.

Meanwhile, we hit the books…or rather, the internet.

To truly support the growth of Hariton Engineering, we wanted to learn everything we could regarding sustainable engineering and what it’s all about. Who is currently doing it? Is it a fad or is it something that is becoming a reality? It turns out that it is very much a reality and other countries like China are leading the way in it. With Celestin being such a strong advocate for this scope of engineering, we decided to use this focus as their unique selling proposition.

The success of our program.

June 1, 2015 was our target date for Hariton Engineering to occupy their own office. We are proud to say that they beat that date by five months. Today, with four full-time employees (and more on the way), business is thriving at a near client-saturation point. Their ‘Drink-the-Kool-Aid’ company culture is squarely focused on sustainability. Going forward, we are providing sales training to target high dollar clients that will allow them to take their Earth-first vision of engineering to the next level.

  • Rebranding around sustainability.
  • Complete website redesign with animated montage for home page.
  • Ongoing business facilitation and support.
  • Corporate brochure.
  • Landing page for specific events.
  • Signage, leave-behind and other promotional materials.
  • Company wide strategy meetings.
  • Individual employee support.
  • Sales training.
  • Acquired corporate mentor.